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Survival Impact of Locoregional Treatment of the Primary Tumor in De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancers in a Large Multicentric Cohort Study: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis

Elvire Pons-Tostivint MD (EPT), Youlia Kirova MD, Amélie Lusque PhD, Mario Campone MD, PhD, Julien Geffrelot MD, Chafika Mazouni MD, PhD, Audrey Mailliez MD, David Pasquier MD, PhD, Nicolas Madranges MD, Nelly Firmin MD, Agathe Crouzet MD, Anthony Gonçalves MD, PhD, Clémentine Jankowski MD, Thibault De La Motte Rouge MD, Nicolas Pouget MD, Brigitte de La Lande MD, Delphine Mouttet-Boizat MD, Jean-

Breast Oncology

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